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Latest Releases


Internet Scoreboard


Personal Scoreboard

Poker Lottery Challenge
Draw 10 hands and make the Top Ten Scoreboard.

Blind Word Game
Find all the mystery words on the letter matrix.

Dog Trio Jigsaw Puzzle
Be the fastest on the net to solve the jigsaw.

Crate Man Jr. III
He's Back! Help Crate Man reach the red crates.

Cat Jigsaw Puzzle
Can you be in the Top Ten Net high score list?

Slide Ball
Get the colored balls into the right positions.

Lotro 25 Lottery
Are you good at picking numbers. Find out here!

Find and spell the words as fast as you can in the matrix.

Ant Run Pro Jr.
Keep your ant on the move as you rotate tunnels.

Pick-N-Pair (Sports)
Match the athletes name associated with their sport.

Balloon Pop
Plays like Hangman with a funny twist.

Pick-N-Pair (Capitals)
Race to match the countries to their capitals.

Beach Bum Jigsaw
Piece together the picture as fast as you can.

Puzzle Fill Game
Fill the board before reaching a dead end.

Casino Jigsaw
Piece together the Casino as fast as you can.

Raku Jr.
Flip the tiles back to blue in as few moves as possible.

Crate Man Jr.
Help Curtis the Crate Man reach the red crates.

Road Trip
Keep your car on the road for as long as you can.

Crate Man Jr. II
Again help the Crate Man reach the red crates.

Get your marbles to the bottom before the computer.

Dog Bones
Can you help Rover find his buried bones?

Coliseum Jigsaw
Be the fastest to put together the Roman Coliseum.

Desk Drop Jr.
Match falling objects in this fast paced arcade game.

Score A Million Jr.
Challenge yourself with this exciting trivia game.

Elf Push
Get your animated red elves to the bottom of the board.

Snowboard Alley
Race down the hill in your quest for a high score.

Find the Words
See if you can find all the words in the matrix.

The Shell Game
Guess which of the cups the ball is under.

Flaps Jr.
Flip the marbles into their proper slots.

Scrambled Word
Unscramble the mystery word by placing the letters.

Jungle Jean Jr.
Help Jungle Jean reach the chimpanzee in each room.

CK Space Run
Avoid the meteors and rescue the Calorie Kids.

Juxto Jr.
Get all the objects into the right spots. A logic puzzle!.

Snow Bound
Help the skating Elf pick up all of Santa's lost presents.

Palace Guard Jigsaw
Piece together the picture as fast as you can.

Thesaurus Tangle
Unscramble the synonyms relating to the words.

Pick-N-Pair (Dogs)
Race against the clock as you match our furry friends.

Topic Tangle Jr.
Unscramble the words relating to the topics.


Pick-N-Pair (People)
Race against the clock as you match the correct pair.


Wizard Word Blitz
Identify the definitions to 10 words in under a minute.


Flash Games


Flash Games


Games by other Developers


Games by other Developers

Alien Dash
Get to the other side of the street safely..

Bad Apple
Try to find all the bad apples on the game board..

Bow Man
How good an archer are you? A challenge!

Shoot the marbles by color groups to clear the board.

Remove tiles by matching colors. A puzzler's delight.

Push the cubes into all their correct spots. A Challenge!


Eliminator Puzzles
Tilt the board to remove all balls of the same colors.

Face Memory Game
Match the Super Hero faces as fast as you can?

Foon Game
Keep the ball on the board as long as you can!

Fishing the Sea
How good at fishing are you? Can you catch your quota?

Freefall Game
Try to remove all the colored blocks from the game board

Frogit II
Race the clock and catch as many bugs as you can.

Go Marching In
Place objects to guide your Saints to their destination.

Jam Up Block Game
Try to get the dark block off the game board. A classic!

A sokoban style game, push boxes into proper places.

Maxium Rotate
Try to get the numbers back into numerical order.

Here is the popular classic Minesweeper game

Minimal Lemmings
A small version of Lemmings in only 5K. Challenging!.

Peg Jump Game
Aclassic puzzle game where you try to leave just 1 peg.

Ping-Pong 3D
Try to test your Ping-Pong skills against the computer.

Poux Gem Game
Don't let the colored gems reach to top of the board.

Clear the game board by vertically matchng colors.

Road Blocks Game
Guide the ball into the open red bracket in each level.

A clever variation on the classic Pong game.

Try to place the objects onto their corresponding shapes.

Star Figher
Be a Star Fighter as you blast enemy ships with lasers.

Play the classic Sudoku number grid game.

Tank Wars
Destroy your opponent's tank before he destroys you.

Tilox Puzzles
Remove all the tiles from the game board. Not easy.

Eliminate as many blocks as you can in 5 minutes.



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