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Juxto $15 (U.S.)

by Soleau Software Inc

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  JUXTO is a game of pure skill and logic. Your objective is to correctly push the different colored objects into their respective wire frames at the bottom of the game board. Careful planning is required because the objects will continue to slide in the direction pushed until they hit either the side of the game board or another object. Can you solve all these mind-bending puzzles? Juxto pushes your problem solving abilities to the limit. The solutions are included to over 100 puzzles if you need help. Are you up to the challenge? Fun for All!.
Req: Windows (95/98/XP/Vista/Win7)


Play the full version in minutes in just two easy steps!

1. Download and install the stand-alone Demo/Shareware version to your system.

Windows Juxto Download 2438 kb

2. Have your credit card ready and click here to access our Secure Online Store. After you have ordered you will be E-mailed an unlock code, which will give you access to the full version of the game.