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Frequently Asked Questions




The games don't seem to work when I load the page?   These games require the latest version of Shockwave for Windows. You can download the plugin from Macromedia's website here.
Can I add these games to more than one website?   Yes, you can add one or more of these games to as many sites as you wish.
How do I add these games to my website?   From the main page click on the Add Games URL. It will provide you with links, pictures and the code needed to run them off of your site. You can either just make a call to our game .html page or you can use the actual code which will call only the actual shockwave file from our server.
Do I have to register to add these games to my website?   No registration is necessary, however, you may not re-package these games with any other programs or adware and offer them as a separate download.
How do I keep informed of any new games that you release?   Go to our home page and click CTRL + D to add to your list of favorites

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